Who is Alexia Lorch?


Little Alexia

At a young age Alexia developed her love of dance when her mother took her to see her very first ballet: The Nutcracker.  The whole performance Alexia clutched the seat in front of her instead of falling asleep, like most young children do.  A few years later she starting living her dream of dancing like Clara; she became a student at the School of Ballet Arizona.  She loved going to class; Alexia was happy At the Ballet



Soon after she started ballet Alexia was introduced to the world of theatre at school.  Most grades would get to perform a Musical, "and nothing's as amazing as a musical." Needless to say, Alexia was hooked.   



Tween/Teen Alexia 

Alexia Nutcracker 2006 2.jpg

Alexia continued her ballet training for many years at The School of Ballet Arizona.  She was in countless Spring Performances with the school.  She also was cast in Ballet Arizona's The Nutcracker (The ballet she saw years prior) for about 6 consecutive years.  Alexia was accepted into summer programs with both The Jilliana School and Boston Ballet. 

Besides her dance training Alexia started singing at school.  She auditioned into All Saints' Choristers.  With the choir Alexia had the opportunity to travel to San Antonio, San Diego, and New York to sing in Carnegie Hall.  Alexia also studied the classical violin privately for many years.  In high school (Xavier College Prep) she joined the orchestra and also had the opportunity to play the violin on stage in The Matchmaker. 



There was a short time during Alexia's high school career that she thought she would like go into a health profession.  She quickly changed her mind realizing that she enjoyed the stage much more.  She loved being in her high school's plays, musicals, dance shows, etc.  She was inspired by one of her favorite admission counselors, who had studied theatre, to follow her dream. 

College Alexia

Alexia dove head first into her dream Major at Creighton University.  She entered the University as a sophomore (Thank you Xavier!) and was able to audition to become a Musical Theatre Major after her first semester.  In addition to her Major Alexia added minors in Dance and Theatre.  During her collegiate career she was in a mixture of plays, musicals, ballets, dance shows, and choral concerts.  

Creighton freshman
Chamber Choir
George1 (1).jpg

stage of the art

Alexia's love and passion for the Arts has only grown.  Along with performing she has developed a passion for choreography and teaching youth.  As part of her dance minor Alexia was encouraged to take courses in choreography and the theory of teaching dance to children.  In college she was given opportunities to try her hand at choreography and in her summers was getting to apply what she was taught in both choreogrphy and teaching children at Theatre Summer camps.   


So, who is Alexia?

Alexia credits the performing arts (and her family) in shaping who she has become today.  Alexia is...

a dog loving, sock enthusiast, theatre obsessed, adventure seeking, snapchat user, goofy goober, who is an actor, choreographer, dancer, singer, and teaching artist. 

Alexia and her best friend showing off their funny socks. 

Alexia and her best friend showing off their funny socks. 

Alexia performing with the Phoenix Boys Choir.

Alexia performing with the Phoenix Boys Choir.

Alexia teaching at Phoenix Theatre Summer Camp. 

Alexia teaching at Phoenix Theatre Summer Camp.